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Laura Salmon, PhD in Slavic Studies (at University of Rome “La Sapienza”, 1993), after a decade at Bologna University as an Assistant and then Associate Professor of Russian, from 2001 she is been teaching Translation Theory and Russian at Genoa University, where she was called in 2011 as Full Professor of Russian Language & Culture. Her preminent research fields are: Russian-Jewish Literature, Translation Theory, Onomastics, Russian Linguistics, Humor Studies. She published tens of papers and several books. Among the latters: the monography on Russian-Jewish Literature, A voice from the desert. Ben-Ami, a forgotten writer (in Italian, Bologna, 1995; translated into Russian, Moskow-Jerusalem 2002); the monography The Proper Name in Russian. Pragmatics, semiotics, translation (in Russian, Moskow 2002; translated into Italian, 2003-04); the longseller text-book, Translation Theory: History, Science, Trade (Milan 2003, translated into Russian, Petersburg-Astana, 2007); a complex theoretical model in how different humor styles work on human mind, Mechanisms of Humor. About Sergey Dovlatov’s works (in Russian, Moskow, 2008). A monography on Psycholinguistics, Translation & Language Teaching, Bilingualism & Translation. From Neulinguistics to Language Teaching (with Manuela Mariani, in Italian, Milan 2008; 2° reviewed ed. 2012). As a translator of Russian literature (works by Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Dovlatov and others authors), she was awarded the Monselice Prize for Literary Translation 2009 (for Dovlatov) and the special Tolstoy Prize “Italy-Russia”, 4th edition, 2010. Her new Italian translation of Dostoevsky’s Idiot is in print (Milan, september 2013).


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