2017/2018 Programme of Studies from 2 October to 31 October 2017 The deadline must be met to avoid exclusion from the winter exam sessions. Courses active in 2016/17 (DM 270) are as follows: Three-year degrees:

  • Modern Languages and Culture L-11:

the first year programme of studies is the same for everyone. in the second year students must choose between two programmes of studies. the third year programme of studies follows on from the path chosen in the second year.

  • Theories and Techniques of Interlinguistic Mediation L-12:

a course with a limited number of participants for Translators and Interpreters Master’s degrees:

  • Modern languages and literature for cultural services Interclass LM37/38 (3 curricula)
  • Translation and Interpreting LM94

Students registered for the 1st/2nd/3rd year of the three-year degree course or the 1st/2nd year of the Master’s degree course must complete their programme of studies exclusively online here http://www.unige.it It is not necessary to print and hand the programme in to the Student helpdesk. Since it is standard, it will be automatically approved when it is confirmed. STANDARD PROGRAMME instructions If students do not take the standard programme of studies laid down by the university system, that is, in the following cases: if they are registered under the previous regulations (or registered under the current regulations but are beyond the normal duration of the course) and wish to modify one or more exams from previous years; if they are registered part-time students who have presented individual programmes in previous years or have transferred from another course or institution etc, in other words, in call cases of “individual programmes of studies”, programmes must be filled in online (campus-one system) but it must be printed, signed and handed in (or sent by email) to the Student helpdesk by the deadline. All choices that differ greatly from the programme of studies laid down by the Prospectus must be adequately motivated; congruence of individual programmes with the teaching objectives of the course and compatibility with national regulations will be evaluated by the Commission for Programmes of Studies and must be approved by the Course Board. Instructions CAMPUS–ONE programme of studies The procedure for filling in the programme of studies is the same in both cases: once students have logged in using their unigepass credentials (username/password), the system proposes a standard filling in of the programme of studies. If this is not possible, as in the cases outlined above, at the bottom of the page there is a link “click here” which instructs the system to go to a page where an individual programme of studies can be filled in. Click here to FILL IN YOUR PROGRAMME OF STUDIES NB: students who register for Master’s degree courses after the 31/10/2017 deadline will have an automatic extension to fill in their programme of studies. Students will be able to complete their programme of studies for up to 15 days after the confirmation of registration (remember that registration for Master’s degree courses is possible if a three-year degree course has been completed before 10/01/2018 and the deadline for registration is 19/01/2018). Students registered for the three-year degree course in Modern Languages and Culture must take a linguistic ability test (AL test). Those WHO DO NOT SHOW UP will not be able to obtain approval for their programme of studies or sit exams. Important: programmes of studies may be filled in before taking the test and, in all cases, must be completed by the deadline. It will remain pending until students have taken their AL test and only afterwards will it be approved and transferred to student academic career paths. Students who take the test but DO NOT PASS will be admitted with RESERVE: their programme of studies may be approved, they can attend courses and take exams but they must lift the reserve by the end of the first year of the course (indicatively between September and October with a date to be determined) by following the indications of the Course Board. They can therefore register for the second year, but only after they pass the test can they fill in their programme of studies for the second year. Students registered for the three-year degree course in Modern Languages and Culture can choose English as one of their two languages or as a third language only if they have passed the B1 level test (see Prospectus). Foreign students with a non-Italian high school diploma who are registered in the first year of the Modern Languages and Culture course, and those who are pre-registered for the course in Theories and Techniques of Interlinguistic Mediation (TTIM) must take an Italian language test (www.studenti.unige.it/areaint/scuoladilinguaitaliana/). Students WHO FAIL TO SHOW UP or DO NOT PASS the test by the end of the first year may register for the second year but can only fill in their second year programme of studies once they pass the test. Exam codes – courses 2017/18 Three-year course in Modern Languages and Culture Three-year course in Theories and Techniques of Interlinguistic Mediation Master’s course in Modern Language and Literature for Cultural Services Master’s course in Translation and Interpreting Students who applied to transfer from one course to another, from another University or for a second degree etc. in 2017/2018 MAY NOT FILL IN their programme of studies ONLINE. In these and all other cases in which credits from a previous career path require recognition, students must wait for the Course Board’s resolution (they will receive an email from the Registrar’s office when the resolution is available and can be visualised on the online student services site). Then they can fill in a PAPER-based programme of studies on the basis of what the resolution indicates vis-à-vis compensatory exams to be taken. form to fill in programme of studies with resolution (to be handed into the Student helpdesk with a copy of the resolution). Old regulation Students registered for degree courses laid down by DM 509 may continue their studies according to the former regulation or, if they wish, they may apply to transfer* to the new courses (DM 270) by contacting the Student Affairs Commission (see Prospectus). * for deadlines and extensions see www.studenti.unige.it/iscrizioni/passaggi/ IMPORTANT: students are requested to check their contact details (telephone numbers, mobile phone numbers, email) so that they can be contacted by the Liaison Lecturer for the Commission for Programmes of Studies. You can change your contact details on the University website. https://servizionline.unige.it/studenti/Anagraficaecarriera