To register for the Modern Languages and Culture course, students must hold an Italian upper secondary school diploma or other equivalent qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable by the University. In the latter case, students must demonstrate mastery of the Italian language as outlined in the subsequent paragraph. Moreover, all students that intend taking English as a subject must take and pass a B1 level test (see below).

Students must come to the test venue with a valid identity document and the receipt for payment of 30€.

All first-time registered students must take a linguistic ability test (hereinafter, AL Test) to assess whether they have attained a level of Italian comprehension crucial to enable them to profitably attend any course. The evaluation of AL Tests will be expressed as passed/not passed. The AL Test will take place on 26-27-28 September 2018 before the beginning of lessons and is open to all registered students. Those who register after 20 September 2018 can take the test in the extra sessions organised by the Course (22 January 2019 and 14 May 2019).

Students who have not taken the AL Test cannot obtain confirmation of their chosen programme of studies or take exams. Students who take the AL Test but do not pass will be admitted with reserve, that is, they may obtain confirmation of their chosen programme of studies, attend courses and take exams but they will have to do the remedial activities laid down by the Course Board. Results attained in these activities will be assessed before the end of the first year (approximately between September and October 2018 on a date to be determined). Only those who pass this test or pass the AL test in one of the remedial sessions can register for the second year.

All students who do not hold an Italian upper secondary school diploma must demonstrate a B2 level of the Italian language by passing a test (B1 for Chinese students from the Marco Polo project). Failure to pass this test entails doing extra syllabi: students must attend Italian language courses, take the test again and pass it before September 2018 in order to obtain approval of their chosen programme of studies for second year and to take second year exams (see C II.10 for Italian School courses).

If students have transferred from other courses in Genoa University or other universities, they must take both the AL Test and the test to assess their command of Italian. Only students of  (ex-DM 509) degree courses from the former Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature of Genoa University who opt to transfer to the new teaching system, and students from the Theories and Techniques of Interlinguistic Mediation Courses who transfer to the Course are exonerated from these tests.

Manual to prepare for the initial assessment test (AL test)

All students who intend taking English as one of the two languages studied or as a third language must take and pass a B1 level test (hereinafter B1 Test), with the exception of students who hold international certification at a B1 level (e.g. PET, Trinity ISE, IELTS with at least band 4, TOEFL iBT with at least 42 points) or superior obtained not more than 24 months before the month of May preceding the beginning of lessons (October). Students from other courses in the L-11 or L-12 class who have already passed the first year of English or English Language and Translation in their original course are also exempt from the B1 TEST.

The B1 English level test will take place on two dates and is accessible to both pre-registered and registered students:

  • 13 September 2018 (for students who have registered or pre-registered by that date)
  • 17 October 2018 (for students who have registered or pre-registered after 13 September and for those who could not take the exam on 13 September for justified reasons

N.B.: Students are strongly advised to take the test on 13 settembre 2018. In this way, if they do not pass the test, pre-registered candidates who do not wish to choose another language instead of English can unconfirm their registration for the Modern Languages and Culture course.

Another B1 English level test may be organised in December for students who register late for the course or for those who intend to change language or for those who are admitted after transferring from another course – if they wish to study English and they do not possess language certification or they do not come from other L1-11 or L-12 courses in which they have already passed the first year of English or English language and translation.

In any case, students can take the B1 level test once per academic year. If students do not pass the test, for which there are no remedial exams, they can still register for the course but they cannot choose English as a subject.

See the attached document for general instructions on the English B1 level test 2017-18.