QPS 15
Università di Genova

Ezra Pound, Language and Persona

Introduction: Persona vs. the Personal – Massimo Bacigalupo

I. Persona

l. Ezra Pound and the Masks of Memory РHelen M. Dennis
2. Voices From Ancient Egypt? Persona, Text, and Context in “De √Ügypto” and “The Tomb at Akr √ßaar”¬†– Gerd Schmidt
3. Pound and Henry James’s “Small Boy” Persona¬†– Caterina Ricciardi
4. Ezra and Hem: A Moveable Friendship РSam S. Baskett
5. Ezra Pound, Alfredo Casella, and the Fascist Cultural Nationalism of the Vivaldi Revival РCatherine Paul
6. Pound’s Reception of Noh Reconsidered: The Image and the Voice¬†– Akitoshi Nagahata
7. The Noble Mask РMarie-Noelle Little
8. Ezra Pound as a Persona for Modem Finnish Poetry РJanna Kantola
9. A Psychiatrist’s Recollections of Ezra Pound¬†– Romolo Rossi

II. Languages

10. Pound and/or Jackson: Traces af Jacksonian Humor in Ezra Pound’s Writing – Fabian Ironside
11. Ezra Pound and the Greek Anthology РH. K. Riikonen
12. Making Italian New: Pound’s Italian Between Dante and Propaganda¬†– Stefano Maria Casella
13. The Cantos: Language of Sensation and Metaphors of Identity РRobert Rehder
14. Pound’s Lute: The West African Voice of the Gesere in The Pisan Cantos¬†– Michael Faherty
15. “In Principio Verbum”: Seminar on Canto 74, Lines 76-145¬†– Walter Baumann
16. “Without an Ear of His Own”: Pound’s Janequin in Canto 75¬†– Ellen Keck Stauder
17. “A Certain Concordance of Size”: Pound’s Venice in The Pisan Cantos¬†– John Gery
18. “No Man Knows His Luck ‘Til He’s Dead”: Ezra Pound’s Women of Trachis¬†– Peter Liebregts
19. Updating the Pound Bibliography РArchie Henderson

III. Poets on/for Pound

20. Draft 61: Pyx ¬†–¬†Rachel Blau Du Plessis
21. The Poet Unmasked in The Pisan Cantos РKevin Kiely
22. The Dark Ages РRobert Rehder
23. A Presto? РStephen Romer

IV. Tigullio Itineraries

24. Tigullio Itineraries РEzra Pound and Friends Massimo Bacigalupo