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Sede: Università degli Studi di Genova Scuola di Scienze Umanistiche Dipartimento di Lingue e Culture Moderne Sezione di Anglistica P.zza Santa Sabina, 2 Ufficio Anglisti (sopra direzione)
Tel: l'ufficio 010 209 5994 o solo in caso di necessità contattarmi su 349 820 3638
Email: C1988[at]


2¬į Term courses :¬†The Start date will be in the week beginning 18th February 2019¬†for all my courses: (LCM 1, LCM 2, LCM 3 and TTMI 2)

LCM 1 Group B¬†lessons take place : every Wednesday & Friday. Wednesday from 9-11am in room 18¬† & Friday from 9-11 am in room 19 of ex-albergo dei poveri.¬†The coursebook will be “OUTCOMES” upper-intermediate level 2nd Edition¬†

LCM II group B¬†with surnames E-O lessons will be on Mondays in room 18 of ex-Albergo dei Poveri from 1 -3pm and on Thursdays at 11am-1pm in room 11 The coursebook will be “OUTCOMES” upper intermediate level¬†2nd edition as a continuation of B2 level from the 1st year

LCM III group GRIMES (with surnames A-K for Use of Eng / Reading)¬†Lessons will be in¬†room 11 of ex-albergo dei poveri¬†on¬†Thursdays¬†from¬†9-11am¬†for Use of English & Reading practice.¬†The coursebook will be “OUTCOMES” advanced level 2nd Edition in preparation for C1 level

TTMI II Italiano-Inglese.¬†We’ll re-start lessons on Friday 22nd February in¬†Aula B of Polo Didattico¬†from 2pm-4pm. Translation practice in class & homework, using online texts / copies from printed material, thus¬†no coursebook is necessary.


Office hours & Oral exams: on FRIDAYS  11am -12pm during term time

(please contact me via email: to make an appointment for this)

For more info regarding groups, course content, exams & notices etc please go to your 2018.AULAWEB course page.

…….“Today, I’ll be mostly out of the office”¬†


Attività Didattica

On aulaweb there is a course called lcm 1 inglese Demo which is a good place for lcm 1 students who would like to find out what the online reading & listening comprehension of B2.1 grammar & vocab test consists of.

Along with this info, on my aulaweb course page, there is some general info on the lcm lettorato exam & subsequent oral part  :

The lettorato exam consists of 3 parts
2 parts are taken together on the same day ( a hand-written email writing 35 mins 150 words) & an online grammar / reading and listening test (18 questions in 40 mins)
If you pass the above parts you can then take the oral exam with prof Grimes on a date to be arranged during term time ( see note above about ‘ricevimento’)
If you have a valid certificate (CAMBRIDGE FIRST @ B2 LEVEL or CAE) you can use it to bypass the written part of lettorato. However, you will still need to take the oral exam with Prof Grimes on the prescribed dates
The Lcm 1 oral exam consists in speaking one to one with Prof Grimes on a selection of news / general interest articles of your choice. It’s up to you where the articles come from : online/ in print/ from our coursebook etc, but they must be in English
Spend time on the vocab in the article (pronunciation )
prepare a short presentation of what it is about
Be ready to explain why it interests you and what you learned from it
The discussion will last 10 mins so prepare 5 articles in total so that we can move from one topic to another
The Lcm 2 oral exam consists in speaking one to one with Prof Grimes about one of the private lives profiles ( see aulaweb course file for more info)


Attività di Ricerca

As from the academic year 2017/18 the writing task part of the 2nd year LCM exam has changed. Students will be required to write a discursive piece of writing of between 150 and 180 words. NOT A LETTER.  You will have 35 minutes to complete the task. See course page file on aulaweb for more detailed info regarding the task type. This BBC link gives you some excellent practical tips:


As from the academic year 2018/19 the reading & Use of English part of the 3rd year LCM exam will change from the summer 2019 onwards.

We will keep you posted on the new Use of English &  Reading exam format as soon as  it has been finalised ok



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