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  • Office hours: next week Office hours are set on March 22nd at 2.30 pm. All students are welcome, namely Erasmus and year-one TTMI students, but any LCM year 2 (MT) student wishing to take a look at their February exam papers are strongly invited to come and see me.


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  • March 2nd office hours cancelled: this is to let you know that office hours on March 2nd are cancelled due to an extension of the severe weather alert until 3 pm. 
  • Please note that from March 5th to 15th I will be in the UK. 
  • Office hours to see LCM year 2 (MT) exam papers are officially set on March 1st at 3 pm. The only other option is Friday, March 2nd, at 12 o’clock but I need those who are interested in coming on Friday to confirm this by email. If I receive no email I may not be in my office on Friday.


Attività Didattica

2017-2018 courses:

61294 Lingua inglese II – LCM – Fraz. A (A-K) – Tuesdays, 3-4 pm (Aula Magna @ Polo Didattico) & Wednesdays, 1 pm – 3 pm (Aula 15 @ Albergo dei Poveri).
Starting date: 23rd October 2017.

55887 Lingua e traduzione Inglese I – TTMI – Tuesdays, 12 am – 1 pm (room 3B @ Magazzini dell’Abbondanza) & Wednesdays, 11 am – 1 pm (room 3B @ Magazzini dell’Abbondanza). Starting date: 16th October 2017.

Academic Writing – PhD students – February 2018. Starting date February 2nd.

Attività di Ricerca

My research interests span a range of topics, namely English Language (ESP, EAP, grammar and syntax) and Linguistics, contemporary British and North American Literature, and Translation Studies. In particular I work on how the New Technologies and Media interact with narratives both in digital and in book form (“E-pistolary Novels in the 21st-century We-Culture: recreating a genre”). I have investigated short narratives (Samuel Beckett), novels and e-novels (Matt Beaumont’s), plays (Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett), manuscripts (Pinter and Beckett), online corpora (“Online edutainment videos: expert discourse and knowledge dissemination recontextualised in TED talks”) applying various approaches and methodologies – i.e. Textual Analysis, Stylistics, Literary Criticism, Translation Studies Theory, Corpus Analysis and Pragmatics. Intermediality and remediation are production processes which I discussed focusing on the reciprocal interplay of words and images (in Douglas Coupland’s Generation X), comparing and contrasting traditional epistolarity to e-novels and studying we-narratives. My ten-years academic teaching experience in English as L2, English>Italian translation, and ESP has led me to experiment a variety of teaching and learning approaches and methodologies (e-learning, blended learning, flipped classes, CLIL). In the last three years I have been involved into three main interdisciplinary research groups: the first, ARGEC (Atelier de recherche GĂ©nois sur les Ă©critures contemporaines) is devoted to contemporary writing and more specifically to inter-, trans- and multimedial narratives (“The new technologies and the novel: re-coding narrative in book form” forthcoming in Recherches sĂ©miotiques/Semiotic Inquiry); the second revolved around literature and the city – I contributed with a paper on Douglas Coupland’s speculative fiction issued in 2017 in the online journal Publif@rum (28) under the title: “Mappe Ę˝aperteĘĽ nella narrativa speculativa di Douglas Coupland: dal centro al margine, dal dove al come, dall’io al noi” (“Open maps in Coupland’s speculative narratives: from the centre to the margins, from the where to thw how, from I to we”). Finally, most recently, in January 2018, I joined an interlinguistic research group working on Metaphors (as a conceptual and structural typology) and on a new methodology to identify and classify them within and above word level (Principal Investigators, M. Prandi and M. Rossi – University of Genoa).

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